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NPRNational Public Radio,即美国国家公共电台的简称。虽然名称是“公共”电台,但是它实际上是一个完全独立的广播实体。


NPR在线收听:Labor Abuses After Harvey2017-12-12
The rains after Hurricane Harvey flooded more than 100,000 homes in the Houston area. Now, thousands of day laborers are working nonstop and are also worried about getting paid.
NPR在线收听:How 311 Helped Understand Air Pollution After Harvey2017-12-12
NPR has obtained recordings of calls made by Houston residents fearful about putrid odors in the hours and days after Hurricane Harvey started flooding the city's petrochemical infrastructure.
NPR在线收听:'Fight For Rights Will Continue' In Zimbabwe, #ThisFlag Movement Pastor Vows2017-12-12
Robert Mugabe is gone as Zimbabwe's leader, but Evan Mawarire warns that abuses have yet to end. The citizens of our nation are not enemies to our government, he says. They should be listened to.
NPR在线收听:Polls In Alabama Indicate Tuesday's Special Election Is Unusually Close2017-12-12
NPR's Michel Martin talks with Ben Domenech, co-founder of The Federalist, about the GOP strategy behind supporting candidate Roy Moore in his race for a U.S. Senate seat against Democrat Doug Jones.
NPR在线收听:Houston Ship Channel And Galveston Bay Digging Out After Harvey2017-12-12
The sediment and muddy freshwater that spilled into these Texas bodies of water are causing problems for the shipping and oyster industries.
NPR在线收听:Biologists With Drones And Peanut Butter Pellets Are On A Mission To Help Ferrets2017-12-12
To increase populations of the endangered black-footed ferret, scientists aim to save prairie dogs, a main food source. The biologists use drones and medicated peanut butter-flavored pellets to do it.
NPR在线收听:This Year's Christmas Tree Shortage Has Roots In The Recession2017-12-12
This season, a tightened tree supply dates back eight to 10 years ago, when fewer trees were planted. Due also in part to an exodus of tree farmers in the industry, prices have more than doubled.
NPR在线收听:Stories Of Syria's Uprising, And Its Backyard Funerals, In 'Gardens Speak'2017-12-12
In Miami Beach, visitors were lying down in freshly-dug graves 10 at a time. It was part of Tania El Khoury's interactive artwork, which tells the tales of people killed in Syria's civil war.
NPR在线收听:How A Fake Restaurant Became London's Top Spot On TripAdvisor2017-12-12
Vice U.K. writer Oobah Butler created a fake restaurant that became the hottest eatery in London on TripAdvisor. He tells NPR's Scott Simon about how he executed his prank.
NPR在线收听:Merci, Johnny: Remembering Rocker Johnny Hallyday, Beloved By France2017-12-11
Johnny Hallyday was one of France's favorite performers. NPR's Scott Simon remembers the rock and roller, who died this week at the age of 74.
NPR在线收听:What's Behind Bitcoin's All-Time High Value2017-12-11
The value of digital currency bitcoin has skyrocketed. But what is bitcoin and is it just a bubble? Timothy Lee of Ars Technica explains to NPR's Scott Simon.
NPR在线收听:Crowdfunding For French Castles2017-12-11
You too can own a French chateau, in part, anyway. Romain Delaume, CEO of Dartagnans, tells NPR's Scott Simon about a crowdfunding effort underway to preserve La Mothe-Chandeniers.
NPR在线收听:Gaming The Tax Code2017-12-11
Experts predict the new rules in the proposed tax overhaul will lead to many complexities in the tax code. And that likely means new opportunities for tax lawyers to find ways to game the system.
NPR在线收听:SoCal Wildfire Victim Tells Her Story2017-12-11
The ongoing SoCal wildfires have burned more than 100,000 acres, forced thousands of people to evacuate, and destroyed hundreds of structures. Cal Fire says there is no end in sight.
NPR在线收听:How Women From The U.S. Could Be At Risk Of Genital Mutilation2017-12-11
Young women from the U.S. are at increasing risk of a dangerous ritual known as female genital mutilation. Federal law enforcement has launched an awareness campaign about vacation cutting.
NPR在线收听:'Desert Bus': Even In Virtual Reality, It's Still 'Boring'2017-12-11
Desert Bus may be the world's most boring video game. Players drive a bus from Arizona to Nevada in real time, an eight-hour trip. Now the game has a sequel - just as boring, but in virtual reality.
NPR在线收听:California Fires Update2017-12-11
Wildfires that are burning in across Southern California have killed at least one person.
NPR在线收听:Trump Rallies For Roy Moore Ahead Of Tuesday's Election2017-12-11
John Archibald from The Birmingham News and al.com joins NPR's Scott Simon to preview Tuesday's special election in Alabama.
NPR在线收听:Opening The Hottest Fake Restaurant In Town2017-12-11
Vice U.K. writer Oobah Butler created a fake restaurant that became the hottest eatery in London on TripAdvisor. He tells NPR's Scott Simon about how he executed his prank.
NPR在线收听:Thoroughbred Horses Killed In California Wildfire2017-12-10
NPR'S Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Dan Dunham, trainer at the San Luis Rey Downs Training Center. Several thoroughbred horses were killed there, caught in a California wildfire.
NPR在线收听:Charges Of Sexual Impropriety Upends Congress2017-12-10
Three members of Congress resigned in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations in three days capping an extraordinary week on Capitol Hill. The reckoning over sexual harassment has upended Congress.
NPR在线收听:Greece And Turkey Seek To Work Together2017-12-10
Once sworn enemies, Greece and Turkey are now working out a cautious friendship. But on a historic visit to Greece, Turkey's president brought up some old grudges.
NPR在线收听:Hundreds Of Thousands Flee California Wildfires2017-12-10
The fires in Southern California have forced many residents to evacuate multiple times within just a few days. That's leading to confusion about where to head next.
NPR在线收听:Breakthrough In Brexit Talks2017-12-10
The United Kingdom and the European Union have reached a breakthrough in the U.K.'s negotiations to leave the EU.
NPR在线收听:Worker Shortage Could Dampen Economy2017-12-10
The U.S. job market has bounced back from a hurricane related slowdown this fall. But with unemployment hovering near 4 percent, a worker shortage could damper future economic growth.
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