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新视野大学英语朗读 第1册 Unit 10A:Language Point 3


Language Point 3

"Life is like a field of newly fallen snow. Where I choose to walk every step will show." (Para. 1)

Meaning: Life is like a field that is covered with fresh snow. When I walk on it, the snow shows every step of mine.

Please notice that "where" here is a conjunction, meaning

1. at, to the place (at) which; 在任何地方

Where I live there are plenty of sheep. 在我住的地方有很多羊。

2. or/to any place at all that;去任何地方

Go where you like. 去你喜欢的地方吧。

3. while or whereas; but (=whereas) 而,但是

They want a house, where we would rather live in a flat. 他们想要栋房子,而我们却宁可住公寓。

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