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新视野大学英语朗读 第1册 Unit 10A:Language Point 4


Language Point 4

They didn't have to talk about it — they demonstrated this truth by their life style. (Para. 1)

Meaning: My grandparents didn't have to explain the saying; their life style just proved how true the saying is.

demonstrate: vt. 1. show clearly

The teacher demonstrated how to make the experiment.


The company demonstrated its new solar power system before a large audience.


The amount of sickness in this district demonstrates that the water pollution levels are too high.


When "demonstrate" is used in the sense of taking part in a march, it is an intransitive verb.

vi. 2. take part in a march or meeting to protest or to make demands

An angry crowd demonstrated in front of the mayor's office for more protection of the environment.


A large group of people were demonstrating in front of the factory, which had polluted the river.


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