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新视野大学英语朗读 第1册 Unit 10B:Language Point 04


Language Point 4

...if not the ultimate homework nightmare. (Para. 1)

ultimate: a. 1. greatest

He's done stupid things before, but to look for the escaping gas with a match really was the ultimate silliness.


2. the last or farthest distant; being at the end or happening in the end

After many defeats, the war ended for us in ultimate victory.


His ultimate purpose is to become a doctor.


nightmare: n. 1. a bad, frightening, or terrible experience or event

Driving on that ice was a nightmare.


The party was a nightmare. Children jumped on the furniture, broke a window, and got the floors all dirty. 那次聚会可怕极了。孩子们跳到家具上面,打破了一扇窗户,还把地板全弄脏了。

2. an unpleasant and terrible dream

The horrible film caused her to have nightmares.


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