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新视野大学英语朗读 第1册 Unit 10B:Language Point 21


Language Point 21

... some people worry that the Internet, once hailed as the ultimate learning tool, could become the best aid yet for cheating. (Para. 8)

Meaning: ... some people worry that once the Internet was recognized as the final learning tool, it could become the best helper to students for cheating.

hail: vt. 1. recognize (someone) as important by calling out (a name of honour)

They hailed him king.


2. call out to (someone) by name or in greeting 招呼

An old friend hailed me from the other side of the street.


hail as: recognize (something) as (something good) 认为;赞扬

They hailed it as a work of art. 他们说它是件艺术品。

She's being hailed as one of the best promising young dancing stars today.


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