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美国语文第五册 第102期:马萨诸塞州的监狱叛乱(02)


The warden, the surgeon, and some other officers of the prison were there at the time, and were alarmed at the consequences likely to ensue from the conflict necessary to restore order.


They huddled together, and could scarcely be said to consult, as the stoutest among them lost all presence of mind in overwhelming fear.


The news rapidly spread through the town, and a subordinate officer, of the most mild and kind disposition, hurried to the scene, and came calm and collected into the midst of the officers.


The most equable-tempered and the mildest man in the government was in this hour of peril the firmest.


He instantly dispatched a request to Major Wainright, commander of the marines stationed at the Navy Yard, for assistance,


and declared his purpose to enter into the hall and try the force of firm demeanor and persuasion upon the enraged multitude.


All his brethren exclaimed against an attempt so full of hazard, but in vain.


They offered him arms, a sword and pistols, but he refused them, and said that he had no fear, and, in case of danger, arms would do him no service;


and alone, with only a little rattan, which was his usual walking stick,


he advanced into the hall to hold parley with the selected, congregated, and enraged villains of the whole commonwealth.


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