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We can assume that Bill Fernandez,Randy Wiggington and Chris Espinosa will not be receiving any Options?

我们可以假定比尔 费尔南德兹。冉迪·威根屯和克里斯·艾斯品诺撒将不会得到股票选择权吗?

Drinking a beer, huh?Tomorrow's a big day for you.For us.For us.

喝啤酒啊?明天是你的大日子。我们的大日子。嗯 我们的

Mike told me about what happened with Bill and Dan and Chris. And, Steve...Why'd you do it?

麦克跟我说了你做的好事 关于比尔 丹尼尔,还有克里斯 好 史蒂夫...你为什么这么做?

The company outgrew them.They're not management. They're not project leads.It's not my job to be nice to people.It's my job to make them better.

公司大了 就对他们不管不顾了。他们不是管理阶层 他们也不是项目带头人我的工作不是当好人,是为了让公司变得更好

They don't deserve it.Then who the hell does?Do you know how this company works?Do you want to know?


I'd be happy to teach you, if you want to know.Do you know why I started this company with you?Why I left the safety of HP for this?

如果你想知道 我可以教你。你知道我当初为什么跟你一起创办这个公司吗?而放弃了惠普那个安稳工作吗?

I doubt you do. You never asked.I left because this was my thing.And you guys thought it was cool.

你不知道吧 你也没问过。我离开那里 因为Apple是我亲手创办的还因为你们这些家伙很酷

I just wanted to be one of the guys.And of all the guys I knew, you were the coolest.


You were smart, quick-witted.And this was my chance to do what I loved.And to do it for fun.


That's all, that's all I ever wanted.I thought that's what you wanted, too.Something's happened to you, Steve.I'm grown up, Woz.No. No, you're not.

这就是全部 这就是我想要的。我曾经以为这也是你想要的。你变了 史蒂夫。我长大了 沃兹。不 不 你还是个小屁孩

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