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外贸英语话题王 第95期:装船期限


Loading period


A:When can you ship the goods?


B:In December.


A:Is there any possibility for you to ensure prompt shipment?


B:I'm afraid not. Our manufactures are fully committed at the moment. I can't give you a check that I know will bounce.


A:That will be too late. You know, Christmas is coming; we want the goods on the market before the ends of November to catch up with Christmas sales. Anyway, can you do anything to advance the shipment to November? You know, a timely delivery means a lot to us.


B:The best we can do is to effect shipment at the end of November.


A:Let me put it this way. We've agreed to conclude the deal on a FOB basis. Even if you deliver the goods at the end of November, we still have to go through the customs and this will take us about 2 weeks. If you manage to deliver the goods two or three weeks earlier, everything will be fine and we will be able to make it.


B:Well, as this is the first transaction, I think we can make a deal. I'll get in touch with the manufacturer and ask them to try their best to advance the shipment to middle of November. Perhaps some other orders will be canceled. We'll keep you informed.


A:That's very kind of you. I'm looking forward to receiving your advice of shipment as early as possible.


来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517386.html