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非典型孤独(Atypical) 第01季 第04集 第08期


我一般会躲这吃点东西 This is my neighborhood hideout spot.

你住这附近 Oh, yeah, you live around here?

嗯 我是为了这些曲奇搬来的 Yeah, I moved to the neighborhood for these cookies.

看上去很好吃 Well, they look good.

很高兴见到你 Well, good to see you.

我也是 道格 Yeah. Hey, Doug?

我想告诉你 I just wanted you to know,

不知道这么说算不算违规 and I don't think I'm breaking any rules here...

你对山姆的约会帮助很大 you've been really helpful to Sam with dating stuff.

所以 So...

不知道 继续加油吧 I don't know, just keep doing what you're doing.

我在努力 Oh, well, I'm trying.

最近几天挺难熬的 You know, I had a rough couple of days.

我还去了埃尔莎的互助会 I actually went to Elsa's support group

想说说自己的想法 to try to talk,

但他们跟我说我说错话了 but they told me that I was using the wrong words.

我猜猜 他们很看重用词以人优先吧 Let me guess. They were big on people-first language.

对 也没差嘛 Yeah, well, it doesn't make a difference, right?

他还是自闭 I mean, he's still autistic.

并没有改变他什么 Doesn't change how he is in the world.

他有时候也挺辛苦的 And how he is in the world can make it hard sometimes,

但我觉得庆祝一些小进步还挺重要的 but I think it's important to celebrate the small victories.

说得好 感谢 That's a good point. I appreciate that.

坐坐吗 Hey, you want to sit?

好啊 这些曲奇你都要吃完吗 Sure. You planning on finishing that cookie?

不 你也吃吧 No, go ahead.

头发厚得像北极狐 "Thick hair like arctic fox.

不戴牙套 Doesn't have braces.

上过地方新闻 Was once on local news.

"杏仁"发音错误 Pronounces it 'ape-ricot.'"

这是个啥 What the hell is this?

我在做佩姬的优缺点表来看看自己喜不喜欢她 I'm making a pros-and-cons list to figure out if I like Paige.

我再加一条 Let me just add one more thing.

-你干嘛 -你只需要一张表 - Why'd you do that? - There's only one list you need.

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