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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第04季 第06集 第24期


是的 女士 上尉 Yes, ma'am. Captain.

既然你离他们那么近 And given your proximity to them,

你有没有听到过什么异常的声音... did you have occasion to hear anything unusual...

反对 法官阁下 传闻证据 Objection. Hearsay, Your Honor.

这是不利于己的供认 It's an admission against interest.

康普顿中士的工作依赖于他的上司 Sergeant Compton's job depends on positive reports

沃特斯先生给予的正面评价 from Mr. Waters, his superior.

因此他的任何不利证词都不属于传闻证据 Anything negative that he says is therefore an exception to hearsay.

反对无效 Uh... overruled.

你可以回答 You may answer.

我听到过 I heard voices--

海灵格上尉与沃特斯先生争吵 Captain Hellinger and Mr. Waters arguing.

争吵什么 About what?

沃特斯先生想要和海灵格上尉发生关系 Well, Mr. Waters wanted to have sex with Captain Hellinger.

-她拒绝了他吗 -是的 女士 - And she resisted his advances? - Yes, ma'am.

-有肢体冲突吗 -有 - Physically? - Yes.

我听到他们在拉扯 I heard them struggle.

好像他撕破了她的衣服 I think he ripped her clothes

她踢了他 然后他叫她"贱人" and she kicked him, and then he called her a "Bitch."

"下流的贱人" 我觉得他是这么叫的 A "Nasty bitch," I think is what he said.

然后...她逃出了办公室 And then... she ran out of there.

那你为什么现在才出庭作证 中士 And why didn't you come forward until now, Sergeant?

就像你说的 Well, like you said,

沃特斯先生在某种意义上 是我领导 Mr. Waters is kind of like... my boss.

他和我的指挥官交往很深 所以 I mean, he's close with my C.O., so...

所以你害怕会丢掉工作 So you feared for your job.

我... I...

-是的 女士 -谢谢 - Yes, ma'am. - Thank you.

没有问题了 法官阁下 Nothing further, Your Honor.

被告律师 你有问题吗 Anything, counselor?

被告律师 Counselor?

是的 法官阁下 Uh, yes, Your Honor.

康普顿中士 Sergeant Compton,

看来你对那晚发生的事情有所了解 you seem pretty clear as to the events of that night.

来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/The-Good-Wife-04-06-24.html