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[00:00.10]UNIT FIVE They need a tin opener to open the tins

[00:07.08]Let's read

[00:11.44]Peter is a Young Pioneer.

[00:15.41]His team went camping for a day at Xiaomeisha.

[00:20.87]They planned their camp carefully.

[00:24.84]"What do we need?"Peter asked.

[00:29.49]"Let make a list."While they were talking,

[00:35.08]Peter was writing down all the items.

[00:40.05]There was soon a very long list.

[00:44.20]"We need a tent to sleep in,"John Li said.

[00:50.05]"And we need a kettle and some cups to make hot drinks,"Tony said.

[00:56.89]"We need tea bags,too."Peter said.

[01:01.86]"What food do we need?"Tony asked.

[01:06.82]"Tinned soup,"John said.

[01:11.08]"We can add hot water and drink it out of our cups."

[01:16.23]"We need some tinned meat,"Peter said.

[01:21.08]"Do we need plates,knives and forks?"Tony asked.

[01:26.86]"Yes,but we can buy some paper plates and plastic knives,

[01:32.81]forks and spoons from the supermarket.

[01:37.18]I need some ,oney to buy everything,"said Peter.

[01:42.92]He collected fifty yuan from everyone.

[01:48.20]The team met again on Saturday.

[01:52.27]They took a coach to Yantian and a bus from there to Xiaomeisha.

[01:59.04]Peter was the cook. He lit a fire and boiled some water.

[02:05.28]Then he picked up the tins of hot soup and meat.

[02:09.93]There was only one problem.

[02:13.59]He needed a tin opener to open the tins.No one had one.

[02:20.07]What should they do?

[02:23.31]Fun time

[02:27.36]Look at the people in these pictures.

[02:31.43]What do they need?

[02:34.59]Talk about them.

[02:37.54]What does the man need?

[02:41.38]He needs an umbrella.

[02:48.54]Denis Dragon

[02:52.41]You're growing very quickly,Denis.

[02:57.16]I know.I need some new clothes to wear.

[03:03.01]We'll go shopping tomorrow.

[03:06.80]How big will you get,Denis?

[03:10.64]I'll be as big sa my father.

[03:15.60]Words and expressions





[03:29.29]tin opener










[03:48.96]hot drinks


[03:53.51]tea bags








[04:10.51]out of






[04:21.72]light, lit,lit






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