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[00:00.10]UNIT ONE I may win a prize

[00:05.59]Let's read

[00:09.72]Peter,Anne,Sue and Ken went to the Honey Lake Amusement Park last Sunday.

[00:17.08]Peter's father took them there.

[00:21.03]Just inside the park, there was a "Try Your Strength"machine.

[00:27.87]Peter tried his strength.

[00:31.40]"I may win a prize,"he said.

[00:36.47]He pulled the lever on the machine.

[00:40.52]Nothing happened."It may be broken."Peter said.

[00:47.39]Peter's father laughed.

[00:51.04]"I'm stronger than you.I'll try."

[00:57.50]He pulled the lever and a bell rang.

[01:02.35]He was very strong.

[01:05.83]The children walked round the amusement park.

[01:10.50]They came to the roller coaster.

[01:14.27]"Let's all have a rode on the roler-coaster,"Peter said.

[01:20.33]Sue shook her bead.

[01:23.77]"Ken may be sick,"she said.

[01:27.90]"I'll stay with him here."

[01:31.77]"I shan't be sick,"Ken said.

[01:36.42]They all went on the roller coaster.

[01:40.57]It went up and down,up and down.

[01:45.74]"I'm going to be sick,"Ken said.

[01:51.31]And he was!

[01:54.18]Fun time

[01:58.44]Ask and answer the question

[02:02.28]"What will you be when you grow up?"round the class.

[02:07.74]Try to have different answers each time.

[02:12.49]1.Benny,what will you be when you grow up?

[02:18.66]I may be a sailor.

[02:22.92]2.Jane,what will you be when you grow up?

[02:30.07]I may be a teacher.

[02:33.52]Denis Dragon

[02:37.88]What's the matter, Denis?

[02:41.23]I don't know.I feel very ill.

[02:46.69]My tail hurts and I'm very cold.

[02:52.64]You may have a dragon fever.

[02:56.72]Do you want a doctor?

[03:00.24]Not yet.I may be better tomorrow.

[03:05.39]Words and expressions





[03:18.50]the Honey Lake




[03:27.67]the Honey Lake Amusemeht Park










[03:52.44]ring (rang rung)






















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